3 Tourist Attractions in Carmona, Cavite

If you are looking for a balance of modern and natural thrills, you may want to visit Carmona, Cavite. With offerings ranging from fast-speed races to laid-back escapes, this wonderful city just south of Metro Manila has everything to fulfill your dream vacation desires. Let’s know more about some of its major attractions:

Carmona Racing Circuit
For the best in Philippine motorcycle and karting racing, check out the Carmona Racing Circuit. The track enjoys events both from amateur and professional drivers, assuring everyone gets to have an equal amount of fun. The course, coming in four alternative configurations, allows a fun and thrilling ride for drivers and racing aficionados alike. Make sure to have your helmet and seatbelts ready – it’s sure to be a breathtaking race each time you go here!

San Lazaro Leisure Park
If you want your races to be on the betting side, visit the San Lazaro Leisure Park. A twin-oval P400 million horse racing track is the premier venue for the best horse races in the country. The horse races are always well-attended, with the promise of winning a large wad of cash. If you do get to win or just want to win more money, visit the nearby PAGCOR San Lazaro casino. The casino has the latest gambling machines in the country. If you do get hungry playing, you can also check the various gastronomic dining choices in the club.

Ulong Tubig
If it’s something natural you’re after, then you won’t be disappointed. The Ulong Tubig natural spring water pool is frequented by visitors even far and beyond from Carmona. The water in the spring is sourced out from a nearby hill. This can only mean that fresh water is not only constantly flowing, it’s ice-cold as well. So fresh and cool the water is, that water from the Ulong Tubig pool is used to supply various Carmona ricefields. The area is shaded with coconut trees and other fauna, letting you have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Carmona is a wonderful and dynamic place to visit. Fast-paced thrills can be found in the Carmona Racing Circuit and the San Lazaro Leisure Park horse racing track. High-stake games and prizes can be found at the PAGCOR San Lazaro Casino. And nature’s best and coolest water can be splashed and dipped in at the Ulong Tubig pool. Visiting these Carmona tourist attractions can help make a beautiful, unforgettable memory.