Social Services

Protective Services

The municipality of Carmona enjoys a relatively stable peace and order situation. The town’s criminality rate is low despite a shortage in police personnel. The local police have largely been tasked with the management of peace and order including prevention and control of crimes, peacekeeping, internal security, law enforcement and order maintenance.

Police Force and Mobility

The Philippine National Police (PNP) generally administer public safety and civil defense. The Carmona PNP station is composed of 1 officer and 29 non-officers. It maintains the peace and order of the 14 barangays involving a population of 53,650. This is because Barangay Tanod or volunteer brigades assist the local police force that ensure public safety in the different barangays. These teams are also equipped with handheld radios to ensure quick action responses.

Crime Rate

Year Efficiency Rate
2000 18.5%
2001 16.92%
Crime Statistics 2001
AMCR 203.306
Index Crime Rate 80.33
Non-Index Crime Rate 122.72
Crime Solved 86
Crime Unsolved 5
Crime Solution Efficiency Rate 94.50%

Fire Protection

The main fire station is located along J.M. Loyola Street Brgy. Maduya beside the Carmona police station.

The Local Residents strictly follow the Fire Code of the Philippines. Seminars and trainings on fire safety and inspection procedures are conducted in the different establishments within the municipality.

The Bureau of Fire Protection in Carmona employs eight (8) BFP personnel including MFM and six (6) fire aides. There is wide disparity between the existing fire protection force population ratio to the required standard is even higher compared to that of the police force.

At present there is only one serviceable fire truck and another not frequently used. There are also 5 assorted fire boots, coats and helmets. However, the existing fire fighting facilities and equipment are considered adequate at the moment in as much as fire incidence in the municipality is minimal. Based on frequency of fire, there usually occur 2 big fires in a given year and small fires, once every three months. The causes of which are mostly electrical in nature as well as due to lighted cigarettes and candles.

Sports and Recreation

Sports activities in the municipality used to be confined to schools. To date, sports and recreation areas have been well placed in all the barangays. There are now inter-school, interoffice and inter-barangay sports tournaments and sports festivals.

All barangays in the municipality have basketball courts, some of which are made of concrete and some in open fields. A covered court constructed at the Town Plaza serves as venue for numerous town activities, school affairs and church programs.

Other sports and recreational facilities include the Carmona Race Track and the upscale Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club.

List of Recreation Area
Municipality of Carmona

Sports Facilities
Gen. Condition
Brgy. 10 Cabilang Baybay
Golf Course
Well Maintained
Brgy. 14 Bancal
Car Race Track
Brgy. 4 Carmona Town Plaza
Covered Court
Barrio Cabilang
Manila Southwoods Manor
Well Maintained


The prime tourism area in the Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club in Barangay Cabilang Baybay. This exclusive club caters mostly to local and international golfers. The 18-hole golf course was designed by the world-renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus and developed by the Fil-Estate Development Corporation. Not only does this place attracts a number of tourists but is also a venue for private and government-sponsored meetings and workshops.

Other tourist spot and recreation places is the Carmona Race Track situated in Brgy. Bancal.

The people in Carmona cherish their centuries-old traditions. Fiesta celebration is a common fare in Carmona as in other municipalities. The traditional town fiesta is held every March 19. This special occasion, in honor of town’s patron saint, entails much preparation of food and street decoration to enhance the festive mood. This festival attracts people from other municipalities as they enjoy the distinct hospitality of the people of Carmona and witness Carmona’s metamorphosis from a sleepy town into a prime metropolis in the province.

The Sorteo ng Bukid, an indigenous way of distributing parcels of land to farmers,takes place every three years. The holding of the Sorteo coincides with the celebration of the municipality’s Foundation Day on February 20. High-ranking government officials, local dignitaries and ordinary folks often attend this day.

There are also a number of dining areas and restaurants in the area.

List of Dining Area and Restaurants

Name of Restaurant
Kainan sa Zigzag
Brgy. 14
Ka Freddie’s Cafe
Brgy. 14
Karen’s Restaurant
Brgy. 11
Lucy’s Restaurant
Brgy. 9
Aling Nene’s Bulalo
Brgy. 9
D.R. Restaurant
Brgy. 9
T.J. Chineses Cusine
Brgy. 2
Kainan sa Kubo
Brgy. 11
Traffic Zone Restaurant
Brgy. 9
Aling Nene’s Special Binalot
Brgy. 11
RSM Lutong Bahay
Brgy. 9
RSM Lutong Bahay
Brgy. 14

List of Cultural Activities

Cultural Events
Date of Celebration
Carmona Foundation Day Every 20th day of February
Carmona Town Fiesta Every 19th day of March
Carmona Sorteo ng Bukid Held every 3 years
Carmona Trade Fair Held every year